Global Classification

Global ETF Object

Listing APIs

This API returns the possible values taken by a query-able field in the Global ETF Object. For example, querying the 'sponsor' field will return a list of all sponsors. The Filter API specifies which fields can be queried.

Filter API

This API returns all the fields in the Global ETF Object for specified input values. The input values must be from one of the query-able fields specified below. The possible input values for the query-able fields can be got using the Listing APIs .








The default value for count is 100 and offset is 0.

The max value for count is 100.

Search API

The Search API does a simple text search on the CompositeTicker, CompositeName and Sponsor fields.

If the keyword is less than 3 characters, the  search will only function on CompositeTicker. For 3 or more characters, the search will work on CompositeTickers, Sponsor and CompositeName.