Historical Holdings API

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Sample API call

Retrieving historical holdings for an ETF is a two-step process:

Step 1: Get the firstbridge_id of the ETF for which the holdings data needs to be retrieved. This can be done by specifying the Bloomberg symbol of the ETF in the request (additionally specifying the ‘primary ticker’ is optional). If there have been multiple ETFs with that Bloomberg Symbol in the past, then multiple ETFs will get returned, along with their primary tickers.

Step 2: Use the returned firstbridge_id along with AsOfDate to retrieve holdings for a given date. Note that the returned holdings data is paginated.

1) Get firstbridge_id:

2) Get Holdings by firstbridge_id and AsOfDate

The results of the historical holdings API is paginated, with 100 rows per page. To get additional records, use the url given under "next" key of the API response.